Web Designer Salary – How Much Do Web Designers Make

web design

The robust growth of the Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for different individuals and groups around the world to introduce their business through the World Wide Web. To be visible in this cyber space, many organizations have invested in creating their own identity through setting up their own websites. Hence, for this to be achieved, they seek help from professionals who are known as web designers. Most likely, this is not your first time to encounter such a term and it is also likely that you have been exposed to the products of their creativity. The fact that you are on this web page, reading this article, means that you are witness to the work of a web designer. Moreover, most businesses and organizations, as much as possible, want to have websites that are catchy and unique. Hence, aside from dealing with all the technicalities of coming up with a website, a web designer is also tasked to come up with a design that is both appealing and distinctive. A web designer has more skills than what could be apparently seen. For instance, they should be familiar with graphic design software as this is also an important part of web designing. In addition, they also need to be in the know when there are new web design advancements so that they can be ascertained that their skills are kept up-to-date. Being such a multi-faceted job, one might be curious of a web designer salary. The opportunities in this field are undeniably growing; the same is the case for the number of people interested in trying their luck as web designers.

girlA web designer is not to be confused with a web developer. Web designers work on how websites are to be presented to customers. From the name of the job itself, they are involved with organizing the visual components of the website. On the other hand, a web developer is concerned with the programming of the website. They are the ones who keep them up and running, they are given access to a website’s back-end to ensure that their responsibilities are met. The latter receive higher in terms of salary as they have more complex duties. Focusing on just one out of the two can help an individual concentrate on an intended career path. However, knowing both will greatly help you attract more clients and receive higher pay.

Hongkiat.com came up with this list which displays an accurate web design salary comparison among different countries. The list is based on the submissions made by individuals working on the field to PayScale. As indicated on the website, the average median salary for a web designer starts at around $41,752. A senior web designer, on the other hand, has an average median salary of $65,894. The salaries received by these individuals vary depending on the location.

Experience has an impact on a web designer salary. Standing out by means of coming up with great design ideas, is also a huge factor for one to keep a good place as a web designer. With constant developments in web design, it is important for these individuals to always be on track of recent updates. Through this, they can be assured that a promising future awaits them in such a competitive field as web design.


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