Graphic Design Services- What can you Offer to Clients?

Remember the essential things to put in your resume? TAGLINE. It is one important way to brand yourself and the services you will offer.

We help you brand your business: online or offline.” 

A professional graphic design is the company’s way to attract customers and boost more traffic into their website. And ultimately, to make a profit. The work of a graphic designer involves design services, publishing, advertising, public relations and marketing. While your main job responsibility is to arrange the visual elements in different types of media, it may vary across industries. Like you can be a game designer or a production assistant. Despite the changes in the title, the principles of the graphic design remain consistent.


A graphic designer is a versatile person but you can make your niche. So with all of the talents and skills you have (and with you team possibly in the future), what are the graphic design services that you can possibly offer?

Here is a list of the services and jobs that you can do for your clients:

  1. CORPORATE BRANDING.  This is the way how you will help your client make an identity for themselves. You can offer Logo Design, business cards, stationery and other branding packages.
  2. MARKETING STRATEGY.  You can help them have the right message and communicate it through the right medium with the proper graphic design.  This is where you can help especially on the web design and social media marketing.
  3. DIGITAL AND PRINT MANAGEMENT. The role of the graphic designer is crucial in aligning the company’s vision and making it into visual. Aside from website, corporate branding is also made through the print.  Your role as graphic designer is also needed to package annual reports, newsletters, and other package design (carton and box design, retail products, DVD and CD covers, software/ digital game covers, books and ebook covers)


As a graphic designer, your work is connected to the visual impact you will have with the customers and company employees. The design determines the company’s credibility in the marketplace.  This will help you stand out, get notice and to see the results by improved market position and increased sales.  Have a niche in your work and you will advance your career. Client satisfaction is crucial to build a successful partnership and of course, to build more your portfolio.

To be a good graphic designer, it is best to communicate well with your client the needed services and his or her expectation.  You can only do so much but you have to let them understand the nitty-gritty and technical side of your work. This goes when you are dealing with website development.

Show to your clients that your graphic design services are a part of a bigger work to make an identity to their company.  Launching of product and services can be made in a much better way by a better visual presentation and packaging.

Also you need to build a rate sheet or a quotation for your services. Here’s a sample template: