Graphic Design Resume- Marketing Yourself

Everybody now is going online. And more and more companies (big or small) are considering marketing their products with the aid of a website and social media platforms. We are seeing a different ballgame in marketing and one should have a strong online campaign to gain attention and of course, attract customers.

Companies are using their sites and social media to gain foothold of their customers. And this is where you, as graphic designer stands to benefit.

To be able to get clients, you have to build your resume. A creative resume or portfolio are crucial for you to get hold of clients. And as a graphic designer, you are expected to be very versatile, and of course, very creative! So show them your creativity on your graphic design resume!

Here’s our personal favorite as a sample:


The Ultralinx posted more graphic design resume for you to get inspiration.  Remember these resumes will not suit all type jobs you will be applying for, but it will surely get one’s attention as compared to other applicants who only pass the boring black and white template.

So what to put in your resume?

  • TAGLINE. Like any product, you want to be remembered. Your tagline should define yourself and your services. It should be catchy and will make a one time customer be a potential long-time client. Example, “We help you brand your business: online or offline.” 
  • LOGO. Since you will be promoting your services as a brand and you alreay have a tagline, then make a logo! Remember visuals sticks with people.
  • SERVICES. This part should be detailed and well explained. It where you have to show your expertise like web design, development, social media analytics, etc.
  • BLOG or your PERSONAL SITE.  You have to show them your online presence.  This is one of the casual and successful way of sharing and promoting yourself to your potential client your thoughts and how you design your website as well.  t also allows them to search you and drop comments.
  • ABOUT ME/ PERSONAL INFO.  This is where you share your family background, your education and interests. but remember do not overwhelm this section.


Remember, the graphic design resume should show your track record. It will not just show the number of sites you have developed, but also highlight the number of followers those sites have to date. This shows that you do not only possess the knowledge of site development and social media platform, but you have  a talent to design a platform that attracts and engages people.

Potential clients will hire you on the account of your performance, knowledge and skill and history of success. The resume is just a first step to hit that job so make it right!

For the new graduates  or amateurs out there, your professional experience might be limited. But having a resume  that shows all your decent work and comprehensive knowledge of the field from the school to your internships is vital.

What the other graphic designers do when they were still starting out? They make hypothetical design work for hypothetical clietns. This is one way of expanding and upgrading your resume.

So what are you doing now? Take this inspiration and compile your  portfolio that will  represent your skills and mostly types of works that you’d really love to be doing.