Famous Graphic Designers – Inspiration from the Masters

saul bass

Coming up with exceptional graphic design works sure is something that not all graphic designers can be recognized for. Gaining an edge over the rest entails not only creativity, but also an open-mindedness which will lead to innovations that will eventually lead to advances in the craft. With all the sudden surge of graphic designers from all over cyber space, there are a number of iconic individuals who these budding designers can learn from. Here comes a list of some of the most famous graphic designers throughout the years:

Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996)

Being one of the most celebrated graphic designers of the 20th century, Saul Bass was also an Academy Award winning filmmaker. Some of his notable works for film include the title sequences for Anatomy of a Murder (1959), Psycho (1960), and West Side Story (1961). His innovative and symbolic ideas helped redefine the art of movie posters and title sequences. For him, it was important to “symbolize and summarize” when it comes to design. Aside from contributions in film, he also made some of the most iconic logos for well-known corporations such as AT&T Corporation (1969 and 1983), Geffen Records (1980) and United Airlines (1974).

Herb Lubalin (March 17, 1918 – May 24, 1981)

herb lubalinAnother prominent graphic designer of the 20th century, Herb Lubalin was most known for an art form still popular today – typography. He brought life to seemingly boring sets of letters and characters through his unique and artistic way of presenting messages. In addition, he designed fonts including ITC Avant Garde and ITC Serif Goth. During his lifetime, he also created various designs for print and advertising. Later in his career, he formed his own design firm (Herb Lubalin, Inc.) in 1964 and eventually added a number of subsidiaries (e.g. Lubalin, Burns & Co.). Lubalin received numerous awards and recognitions for his work. You may check the following link for more of his works.

Paula Scher (October 6, 1948 – )

paula scherWithout a tinge of doubt, Paula Scher is undeniably one of the most influential graphic designers of this generation. Witty and imaginative, her works and character have definitely earned her a reputation in the graphic design community. She is a partner of the distinguished design firm Pentagram since 1991. In 2001, she was awarded the medal of AIGA which is given to individuals who have had exceptional and remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of design. Aside from being a graphic designer, she also is an illustrator, painter and art instructor. Her paintings of highly detailed maps that manifest her own interpretation of the process of map-making, are an addition to the list of her recognitions.

These famous graphic designers certainly have a thing or two in common but there is something that had set them apart from the rest of their contemporaries. These individuals have that distinct and novel creative flair and intellect which paved their respective ways to success. With a lot of budding graphic designers emerging from many corners of the globe, these prominent figures certainly serve as models and inspirations in the field.